Stupid people doing stupid things… on camera

My buddy often sends me videos or animated gifs showing people doing stupid things that inevitably end in disastrous results: A guy cutting down a tree and it lands on a house. A girl doing flips on her bed, she bounces off into her dresser and a TV falls on her head. Kids putting firecrackers in bodily orifices (okay fine, this ends badly with or without video). A kid spinning on a playground merry-go-round in an oil drum only to be violently flung off. Any video what-so-ever involving a trampoline or a treadmill. They all end terribly. Yet people continue to do dumb things and also think, “Let’s get some video of this!”

What’s my point?

If you are doing something stupid, capturing it on video is a guaranteed method to make sure it will end with bad results.

The upside is that your Youtube hits will be through the roof. Just like that tree in your living room.


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